Amazon App Store: Underground

This request was to ideate a launch campaign for the new service, Amazon Underground, which lets users play apps and games for free using their Android phone. The following are my three initial concepts for the Amazon AppStore launch of the new service, Amazon Underground. The concepts explored game characters and game art as the hero of the campaign.

Creative Direction, Concept Development, Visual Design

CONCEPT A : Welcome to the Free World

Welcome to The Free World, a place where the customer, the developer, and the characters are finally free of the traditional pricing models that have restricted exploration.

CONCEPT B: Next Level

Enter the Next Level. The spirit of advancing to the next level has changed in recent years thanks to in-app purchasing, taking away both the thrill of achievement and bragging rights. These micro transactions have become a macro turn-off. Ditch the traditional model, and focus on discovering new games without a downgrade in graphics or gameplay.

CONCEPT C: Game Art As Hero

Typography Exploration

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