hello, world.

Hello, world. After a very long hiatus, I’ve decided to breathe some life back into my visualchemist portfolio. I plan to get back to documenting my extracurriculars in the world of design, letterpress, travel, and the general happenings that I draw inspiration from. I don’t really want to abandon my writing from my previous blog, so from time to time, I will resurrect older posts and reflect on those moments in time.

My portfolio has taken a back seat for the past seven years, and it’s because I’ve been pretty busy innovating for a little company called Amazon. Some of my posts will be focused around my experience working for the e-commerce tech giant, and note that all words and opinions expressed here are my own.

If you’ve reached this site and there are missing images or the copy looks unfinished, that’s because it probably is. I’ll be making updates in real time, as I find the time. It’s a bit of an overhaul, so please bear with me.  The catalyst for my portfolio reboot is that I am finding myself at an inflection point in my career and need a bit of an outlet to share my thoughts. So many creative ideas fill my head these days, and eventually I will get them all out and fill these pages.

For now, here is my update… Status: Work in progress. Always learning. Always curious.

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