MetaHuman: Creating My First Character Test

Making CAT-AT: My first foray at creating a full cast of meta humans through the Unreal MetaHuman Creator tool. 1 hr=1 min time lapse. Truly #unreal.

My LinkedIn feed is full of creative inspiration. It’s on the LI platform that I’ve discovered really talented 3D artists posting outstanding character and world examples. Watching other play around with MetaHuman Creator inspired me to try the tool for myself. MetaHuman Creator is an app that builds real-time digital humans, with extremely high fidelity and realism. Once the character you design is finished, you can export and download it, rigged and ready to animate in Unreal Engine. With virtual production becoming more popular, I’m curious to understand what’s involved and how difficult it is to work with the tools. I’ve got no experience building in Unreal, as of yet, but this is definitely a discipline within Design that I find super interesting and wished I had dug into sooner. I plan to dive in and try building my own worlds and meta humans, time permitting. It will be interesting to document this journey.

#unrealengine #metahumancreator #casting #worldbuilding

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