Starbucks for Kindle Fire


Creative Direction, Photo Art Direction, Design

Display Advertising / Design / UX

Creative concept for launch of Starbucks new ready-to-drink iced coffee beverages for display on Kindle Fire ad platform.

A soon-to-be filled iconic Starbucks bottle is surrounded by ice cubes and coffee beans, giving the customer the hint that something new and exciting will soon be packaged up. Upon swiping the left slider to ‘Learn more,’ the user would be taken to a semi-custom landing page experience. Here, they would find useful information regarding the new beverages, including an informational video, a gallery of the newest flavors and a ‘Shop’ tab where any current promotion can be featured so customers can link to purchase the products on Accompanying tile for the View Special Offers tab will will feature a 30% off savings for trying the new product. Kindle Fire mShop coupon with savings messaging is prominently displayed across all mobile gateways.

Alternate concept: Coffee beans and ice cubes surround the hero shot of the (placeholder) Starbucks RTD Iced Coffee can. Copy highlights the fact that the beans used to make this coffee were roasted specifically for iced coffee. Creative hints that a new Starbucks beverage is coming soon, encouraging the user to learn more about the product. Upon waking up the eInk device, the image is instantly replaced with a filled bottle of Starbucks Iced Coffee.