Amazon Holiday Gift Guide (CE) Landing Pages, Personas + Photohoot

The challenge was to ideate and execute the design and landing pages of the Amazon Electronics Gift Guide. Components included

IMDb Twitch Channel Graphic Package + House Ads

I was tasked with envisioning a complete channel graphic package for IMDb’s experimental presence and persona on Twitch.TV.

Kindle Summer Entertainment Guide Wakescreen and Custom Landing Page

The task was to design a custom landing page experience for the Kindle with Special Offers platform that highlights the latest

Moment of Truth, IMDb TV Original

Key Art, Trailer, Creative Direction, Visual Design. Portfolio building currently in progress. More info coming soon.

IMDb Movie Monsters That Rule Data Visualization

For Halloween, IMDb wanted to feature an infographic that showed which movie monsters ruled in each decade. Using IMDb data an

Groove Techs

Books with Buzz

J.Field Photography

Lisa Andersen Champ Camp

Carissa Moore: Queen of Groms


Newport Beach Film Festival


Amazon Underground Launch Campaign

Launch concepts for a gaming service that lets users play apps and games for free using their Android phone.

Prime Day Launch Campaign

Kindle Unlimited Global Launch Campaign

  The challenge was to ideate and execute a launch for a new global marketing campaign, brand identity, and video, for book l

Amazon Father’s Day Gift Guide (CE) Cross-category Event and Photoshoot

This was the first year for the Father’s Day Gift Guide. The task was to create a gift guide that would help bring in the co