Toronto Film Festival 2018

For the Toronto International Film Festival, I created a design system that was inspired by Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian, who’s artwork features intersecting perpendicular lines and planes of primary colors. The set backdrop included a floor-to-ceiling window view overlooking the city of Toronto, Canada. The view was slightly obstructed by vertical and horizontal framing, so to camouflage this obstruction and incorporate event branding, I created a grid-style decal designed in the style of Mondrian. Additional design elements were inspired by Toronto’s iconic acorn-topped street signs, decommissioned in the 1950’s in place of more modern signs. The vintage style conjures up thoughts of the city for many Torontonians, who retain their fondness for the icons.

Creative Direction, Event Brand Identity, Concept Development,
Visual Design, Set Design, Styleguide Creation, Motion Graphics Direction