Juicy, delicious typography

Got schooled in hand lettering and calligraphy by Laura Worthington. I took her Hand Lettering and Typography class at the School of Visual Concepts, here in Seattle. I learned a lot of the basics in this day-long course.

My first time I actually noticed typography was sometime in 1st or 2nd grade when I noticed that my dad had written some type in Old English on the spine of our fat burgundy Webster’s Dictionary. (Do people even use those things anymore?) I also recall that my first calligraphy lesson was in 5th grade, in Mr. Haggin’s class.

Here were some of this things covered in Hand Lettering for Designers — Level 1:

  1. Ways modern graphic design draws on calligraphy and other pre-digital type form
  2. Hands-on instruction in using brushes, flexible pointed nibs, calligraphy pens, and other lettering tools
  3. The basics of creating an alphabet
  4. Planning your lettering project, and working through the design, development and refinement
  5. Experimental techniques

I experimented with one of the recommended pen nibs and over-filled it with ink to see what would happen….

juicy typography
This juicy deliciousness is what happened.

vintage_pen_nibThis was one of the pens we were able to test drive. It’s a vintage ruling pen. Hoping to find one of these for myself, someday.

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