Mystery Mansion // 3D Isometric Diorama


3D Modeling
Level Design

In week 5 of my UCLA Blender for Web3D World Building course, I created a 3/4 isometric view of a ‘Mystery Mansion Foyer’ as a proof of concept for a video game prototype I’m currently developing. Drawing inspiration from a haunted house murder mystery theme, I utilized various Blender techniques to bring this scene to life, including volumetric lighting to set the mood. I modeled most of the elements in the design, including the piano, bench, coffin cabinet, delivery boxes, dog bed, doors, door knobs, and candles with stands. (The ornate chair, machete, bust, framed paintings, and mancala were sourced from Blender Market.) Additionally, I incorporated rug and wallpaper textures using ‘Planes as Images.’


Blender Market