Unity Prototype: AI Photogrammetry & Lidar Point Cloud Integration


Photogrammetry Scan
Lidar Scan
3D Modeling
Level Design

The goal of this prototype was to test and implement a Point Cloud system using the Unity game engine, experimenting with the concept of a Digital Twin. The test involved several game objects created from scanned physical action figures using video/Lidar and/or photo/photogrammetry technology. I used the Polycam iPhone app for the initial capture, and optimized the object settings in Blender before bringing the Point Cloud systems into Unity. The main objective was to overlay the Point Cloud object into the native game environment and test for player interaction when walking through the Point Cloud.

I successfully tested the animated Point Cloud objects in Unity and confirmed that it could be brought into the game environment with ease. Although collider interaction was not a deal-breaker, I also tested if the object could be detected using colliders. I plan to use this AI function to create an immersive video game experience that utilizes 3D technology, creating enchanted game objects and environments.

The success metric for this test is that, in Unity, players can seamlessly walk through and potentially interact with emerging media technology through stylized game objects and environments.